Facing Your Fears 2

Facing Your Fears cont …

Please, do not give up walking your dog because it is hard work and you feel ashamed to be seen with him. This will only exasperate any problems you are experiencing and before you know it, unable to cope, you will be marching Fido off to the nearest dog pound, in hope some other poor unsuspecting soul will take on the burden of training him. The reality is, he is more likely to be passed from home to home, developing more behavioural problems along the way. Before taking on the responsibility of a new pet everyone should read “WakeUp”

Do not feel embarrassed when walking with your dog. Instead take pleasure in the fact you are a responsible owner, prepared to overcome any problems you may be experiencing and enjoy your training sessions. Everyone has to learn how to behave and how to react to certain situations, animals are no different. It is up to you lead the way.

You have taken the first step to owning an obedient dog.
 It will take huge amount of time, patience and calm consistency but the rewards are worth it. You get out of your dog what you put in. The more effort you make the better behaved your dog will become.

 Make sure you go out armed with treats and toy rewards.
 Smile!! It really will make a difference.
 Walk with confidence
 Give clear, concise hand & voice commands.
 Your tone of voice is VERY important in determining how your dog will respond to your commands, so even when disappointed or angry do not let this show
 Don’t babble on, your dog will stop listening.
 Be prepared to take “One step forward and three steps back”. Not every training session will go as planned. Expect low days and enjoy the high points.
 Always try to finish on a positive note.

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