Why Train Your Dog?

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog. A dog who knows his boundaries feels secure, safe and more relaxed. Owning a dog should be fun and rewarding for all the family. When your dog respects the house rules it creates a happier, more harmonious home life for everyone involved …

Unfortunately, well trained dogs do not just happen. It takes an owner who wants a relationship with his or her dog that is based on mutual respect, caring and appreciation.

We train dogs the old fashioned way with Repetition, Patience and Praise.  There are no gimmicks or guaranteed quick fixes.

To build up a relationship with your pet requires a calm consistency.  It does take time but you get back what you put in.  And you will probably be surprised at what your dog is capable of and how quickly he picks up new commands.

You have to live together for over a decade so you need to get on!  And with a little effort you both will reap the benefits.

We work with owners and their dogs over a few weeks to enhance the relationship between dog and owner.  Training your dog should be positive, productive and rewarding.  And it really can be lots of fun.


There are no guarantees with animals.  Horses and  dogs like people, react differently to things that happen in their lives.   Animals, especially young animals, like children need consistency and continuous, positive reinforcement of the rules.

We all need reminding of things that we have learned but may have forgotten along the way. Dogs are no different.  If at a later date you need a little help we will be there for you.

Building a good relationship with your dog may not happen overnight but done correctly, the bond you develop will last a lifetime.  And you will both benefit enormously.

Dogs are incredibly obliging, infinitely patient and put up with intolerable situations for very little reward.  They do their best to adapt to our individual lifestyles.  For an animal with boundless energy and an active, enquiring mind this cannot be easy.

So we must remember a friendship has to work both ways.  In return for his loyalty we must keep our side of the bargain and provide him with shelter, clean drinking water, adequate food to keep him healthy and plenty of exercise. Do this for your dog and he really will be your best friend.  And you will carry this with you for a lifetime.

For more information please email – dogtrainingcumbria@gmail.comcropped-picture5.jpg


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