We can help you with….

Puppy Training, socialization – This includes encountering real life situations, basic early training including recall and familiarising pups to different environments.

One to One Training – To address specific issues, this is tailor made to your individual needs. The length of the training and the location is your choice.  The individuals problems, the temperament and the age of the dog will determine how much time is required.

Adult Dog Training – General Training where the dog is trained to focus on and listen to the owner.

Behavioural Problems – Working on specific training difficulties.  Training is always offered in a friendly relaxed environment.

Boarding – We will have your dog to stay in a friendly home environment for 2-5 weeks giving him the opportunity to train as a regular part of his daily activities. He will learn how to fit comfortably into a family environment and cope with all the regular distractions he  generally encounters in his daily life.  We will improve his manners, give him the opportunity to  social with other dogs and people and of course give him a good grounding in basic obedience.

Our Walk, Play & Train Programme while you work – is a unique, exciting, dog friendly alternative to the “boarding ” options. And the best bit, your dog gets to sleep at home every night!

Once we develop a personalised programme, we will take your dog out to socialise, exercise and most importantly, learn.

Dogs learn a great deal, as they exercise  so it makes great sense to integrate the training programme with their regular exercise routine.  This makes training less stressful for your dog and gives him time to play.  Mental stimulation and exercise,  what fun. A HAPPY, HEALTHY DOG and a contented owner.

We will work with your dog for one to two hours each day teaching him/her new skills and helping the dog to perfect them.

At the end of the course, we can continue to give your dog regular walks & play times, helping to reinforce his/her new found skills.

We will give you a review of the work with training notes so you know exactly what your dog has achieved and are able to continue his training at home.

A fun training programme that will last a lifetime.