Facing Your Fears 1 …

Facing Your Fears …

A huge number of dog owners are either in denial of their dogs bad behaviour, do not have the inclination to do anything about it, lack the time, the skills or in most cases the confidence to train their four legged friend.

Confidence or lack of it is a huge barrier when it comes to training Fido. If you have a problem you cannot solve, PLEASE ASK FOR HELP. You will be surprised how many people will go out of their way to assist you.

To start training your dog…
 You need direction ( write a list of things you would like to achieve )
 Spend time getting to know your dog
 Learn to understand why he does what he does, when he does it.
 Learn how, you can help him and how to rehabilitate him
 Make sure he receives regular exercise
 When he is not training or resting, he will require mental stimulation

Most importantly you need to lose your fear of training your dog, in many instances the embarrassment and take control.

We have all been through the shame, of being out in public with Fido straining & barking aggressively on the end of the lead, squealing loudly in public as he spots another dog on the horizon. We know how it feels to have a dog pull us off our feet, as he spots a squirrel running up a nearby tree or a cat dart across the road.

Many have felt the fear, when due to their own irresponsible behaviour their dog has shot off after livestock, dispersing the once peacefully grazing animals in all directions. They know how it feels to try and rugby tackle their dog to the ground before anyone spots him chasing the sheep. They live with the shame of leaving the poor panting animals on the Fells, as they bundle Fido into the back of the car, hoping the consequences of such an event will never darken their doorstep.

Many people spend a huge amount of their time and energy adjusting their lives to accommodate the dog, often to the detriment of their of their own social life, alienating themselves from friends and family, accepting and even giving in to their dog’s bad behaviour.

Your dog should fit in with your lifestyle. Yes, there will be changes to your routine and to your home life but these should be for the better. Your pet should be a well loved addition to your home, NOT a burden. You should not put up with your precious possessions being chewed up and spat out by your dog. You should not become a prisoner in your own home. Nor should you feel anxious as you walk up your garden path, dreading what may await you when you open the door.

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